Here are my modifications and skins to game Live For Speed and old skin to LANChat and Winamp.
And the old works: wallpaper, buttons, signature and website designs.

AI CAN drive! for 0.6U

new feature: Start is not blocked. Now you can spawn AI next to other AI when you use 'Autocross Start' position

AI CAN drive!

Added 2 new functions and integrated with MoveLay

New features:

  • Hand: All selected object are visible in "hand"
  • Save/Load/Delete Group of (30) Objects

aX+: Intersecting objects

aX+: Intersecting objects - new features at YT

NottheTweakthatyOuwant Universal

I added DiverPos (demo cars only) to the tweak, also now it is possible to write/read/load/refresh all settings at once (without rims)
Recommend action after update:
Load old DemoCars Tweak settings > Save it > Load again or Write


Simple DownForce Editor for 0.6U 😉


Fixes for NottheTweakthatyOuwant Universal


  • compatibility with 32bit systems (tested on Windows 7 32bit and Windows XP)
  • loading rims