Here are my modifications and skins to game Live For Speed and old skin to LANChat and Winamp.
And the old works: wallpaper, buttons, signature and website designs.

I added additional feature to TireTools:
MaxSpeed - its change max speed limit from 200m/s (720km/h) to 5000000m/s (18000000km/h)

Updated to 0.6R
GTR Changer

UlTrA M00d: The April Fools Mod
- Ultra Steer Help = fckd 4WS
- Ultra Jump = low gravity above ground
- Ultra Speed = ultra FOV
- Ultra Grip = low suspension


Finally I updated the site (after 12 years ;) ).
I gave up the reCAPTCHA powered url shortener to I was forced to set passwords on some files (the password is and will be always to remove "bad site" falg in google.