Here are my modifications and skins to game Live For Speed and old skin to LANChat and Winamp.
And the old works: wallpaper, buttons, signature and website designs.

GTR Changer PRO for 0.6R
With this modification you can change the appearance (BODY) of three demo cars to other cars existing in the game (good feature for vob lovers ;) ).
+ Wheel Position On-Track

plus nice splashscreen with ad_fly link, to open app you must click on it (if you dont like it, dont use it! (this mod)) ;)


yea, again....
added 2 new features:
Not Disappering Objects and Quick Delete


I added additional feature to TireTools:
MaxSpeed - its change max speed limit from 200m/s (720km/h) to 5000000m/s (18000000km/h)