Here are my modifications and skins to game Live For Speed and old skin to LANChat and Winamp.
And the old works: wallpaper, buttons, signature and website designs.

For those who can not handle their anti-virus and/or browser!diYlkKSI!ZU7s8xCWNGedecNiYc4jDw
(alternative link to mods on my site)

GTR Changer PRO for 0.6T

GravitationMod for 0.6T

aX+: Intersecting objects for 0.6T

New feature for 0.6T:
I decided to add this functionality because for me the new editor makes it more complicated to make layouts than it was in old one.
When you press:
Y it sends CTRL+C
U it sends CTRL+V
I it sends CTRL+X